Breaking the Wheel of Life and Death

Breaking the Wheel of Life and Death


When I first heart Tisziji's music, I felt like I had come home. Years ago, when I began listening to jazz, I had a similar experience with the John Coltrane recording, "A Love Supreme." As I was listening to the music alone one night, I was overcome by the feeling of a presence of great love in the room there with me. ... Playing with Tisziji was like going back to that night such a long time ago. When I did this recording with Tisziji, Rashied and Don, I felt like I had gone back home again to the spiritual and emotional place that was revealed to me that night. It felt like a complete unspoken musical understanding between the four of us — no need to explain anything or hold anything back — we were all speaking the same language. I could be completely myself — could sing and soar as high as my imagination was capable of taking me. What a privilege and a blessing!

"I feel very grateful and honored to be included in Tisziji's vision. He is a master musician devoted to a path of healing and spirituality in his music as well as the rest of his life — a rare glowing spirit in a world of greed, commercialism and mundane values. May our connection last for a long, long, time. Tisziji, thank you for bringing me home!" -Marilyn Crispell


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Track Listing

1 Divine Urgency! 4:36

2 Breaking the Wheel of Life and Death! 11:34

3 Piano Intro to Lemuria 2:31

4 Lemuria 14:08

5 The Elder of the Mysteries 17:00

6 God-fire (Pyramid) 16:08

7 Spirit Path Intro 1:22

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Bells
Marilyn Crispell: Piano
Don Pate: Bass
Rashied Ali: Drums


Produced by Tisziji Muñoz
Recorded on June 11, 2000 Cotton Hill Recording Studio, Latham NY
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Mixing Engineers: Mike & Tisziji Muñoz