Death Is A Friend of Mine Double CD

Death Is A Friend of Mine Double CD


Death Is A Friend Of Mine is a double CD recorded in 1996 with a wide variety of fearless original compositions and musical concepts, as well as creative interpretations of standards by Miles Davis and John Coltrane. In addition to playing the guitar, keyboard synths and hand drums, Tisziji plays one fiery piece on the quinto, the traditional stringed instrument of Puerto Rico. This recording features brilliant improvising by Bernie Senensky on piano, Don Pate on bass and Bob Moses on drums.


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Track Listing

CD 1

1 Seven Steps To Heaven 4:38
(Victor Feldman and Miles Davis, BMI)

2 All Blues 9:52
(Miles Davis, BMI)

3 Death Is A Friend Of Mine 9:47
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

4 Love Is Greater Than All Changes 7:48
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

5 Matrix 8:21
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

6 Love Is When You Let It Be 9:49
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

CD 2

1 Earth Changes 7:44
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

2 Summer of ’42 2:36
(Michel Legrand)

3 Dindi 11:30
(Antonio Carlos Jobim & Luis Oliviera)

4 Giant Steps 4:57
(John Coltrane - Jowcol Music, BMI)

5 Don’t Turn Back 7:05
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

6 Afro Spanish Gypsy 7:53
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

7 Emily 3:37
(J. Mandel & J. Mercer)


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Keyboard Synths, Quinto and Hand Drums
Bernie Senensky: Piano
Don Pate: Bass
Bob Moses: Drums


Produced by Tisziji and Nancy Muñoz
Cover Art by Lydia (Sama-dhani) L. Lynch
Recorded on June 6, 1996 Cottonhill Recording Studios
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Mixing Engineers: Tisziji and Mike Muñoz