Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices


Hearing Voices documents Tisziji's high creative output during the early 1980's, with additional archival recordings from the original Visiting This Planet project. Originally, Tisziji did not consider these suitable for release, since many were ‘warm-up tunes’ for Visiting This Planet, but they were later mastered and released after the insistence of Tisziji's sons.


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Track Listing

1 Climb Every Mountain 5:00
(Rogers & Hammerstein - Williamson Music Company)

2 I Will Return (Until Then) 2:14
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

3 Song For All Children 7:21
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

4 Pyramid 5:01
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

5 Somewhere 8:37
(Leonard Bernstein - ASCAP)

6 Hearing Voices 10:19
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

7 The World Before Lemuria 2:41
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

8 Lemuria 7:18
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)

9. My Funny Valentine 6:10
(Richards Rogers - Chappell and Company, Inc.)

10 In Love We're Always Together 3:32
(Tisziji Muñoz - Anami Music, BMI)


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Synth Guitar, Synth Keyboard, Shenai, Bells, Gong & Chanting
Paul Shaffer*: Piano & Synth Keyboard
Hilton Ruiz, Bernie Senensky & Michael Cochrane: Piano
Dave Liebman: Soprano Saxophone
Art Davis, Dennis Irwin, Cecil McBee & Ratso Harris: Bass
Bob Moses, Idris Muhammed, Adam Nussbaum & Guillermo Cantu: Drums
Guillerme Franco: Percussion
Jerry Gonzales: Congas

*Paul Shaffer appears courtesy of Capitol Records


Produced and Arranged by Tisziji Muñoz

Recorded at Red Gate Studio, Albany, NY, in 1981 and Sound Heights Studio, Brooklyn, NY, in 1984
Mastered at Saints and Sinners Studio, Albany, NY
Engineers: Mike Muñoz, Gene Perla, Questar Welsh and Nancy Muñoz
Assisting Mixing Engineer: Tisziji Muñoz