Incomprehensibly Gone

Incomprehensibly Gone


“At the session there was very little conversation or verbal guidance offered, yet there was a natural, spontaneous empathy between Steve and Tisziji. This recording features and honors Steve Kuhn in a unique way, showcasing his ability to play with freedom, openness and depth without sacrificing any of his other musical attributes. The music herein has a classical flavor, yet defies all classical conventions and boundaries. It is simultaneously very in and very out. It’s free, magical, mystical, mysterious, humorous, heart-wrenchingly beautiful, absolutely unique and incomprehensibly gone.” Ra-kalam Bob Moses


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Track Listing

1 It Gives Me Great Pleasure :31

2 We Meet Again In Spirit 7:02

3 Pondering Incomprehensibility 2:11

4 Visiting This Planet 6:26

5 Leaving This Planet 5:44

6 Without A Lamp, Hearing Is Your Light 2:12

7 Understanding No Change Please 1:49

8 Crisis Of Attachment 5:15

9 Forgotten But No Forgone Reclusion 2:03

10 Heart Broken Healed 3:17

11 Pyramid 13:16

12 Fatherhood 13:14

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Munoz: Guitar & bells

Steve Kuhn: Piano

David Finck: Bass

Ra-kalam Bob Moses: Drums


Recorded on May 23, 2010

All compositions, arrangements and music production by Tisziji Munoz

Co-produced by Karen Munoz and Ellen Gilley

Recording & editing Engineer: David J. Sullivan

Mixing Engineer: Mike Munoz

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions