Love At First Sound

Love At First Sound


"How can I describe playing with Tisziji? It is not like looking at a rainbow, it is like being the rainbow. It is not like being warmed by the Sun, it is like being the Sun. At the end of the concert I felt transparent, empty, burnt, shattered, speechless and trembling like a leaf in the wind. As Tisziji has said, this music promotes and encourages the discipline of freedom and rather than being a mirror of society, culture and the self, it is truly a window to divinity.”

"Tisziji is the most powerful and also the most gentle, benign being I've ever encountered. Playing with him requires absolute creativity, awareness and full recognition to the psychic forces at work in that moment. His rendition of 'Fatherhood' with Richard Moses, my eighty-six year old father in attendance, brought tears to my eyes.

"This miraculous performance by Tisziji Muñoz and band once again illustrated the brilliant, transformative, liberating effect of his music and presence on those beings who are open to the light of Spirit and the song of the Silent One. Yours, now and forever in gratitude, humility and grace." -Ra-kalam Bob Moses


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Track Listing

1 Introduction by Jim Warshauer 2:48
2 Visiting This Planet 9:34
3 Fatherhood 12:07
4 No Self, No Thought, No Mind and No Time 11:58
5 Gratitude 8:46
6 Ode to the Mother 10:32
7 Pyramid 9:19
8 Dindi 11:31

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music with the exception of “Dindi” (Antonio Carlos Jobim)


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar & Synth
Ra-kalam Bob Moses: Drums
John Lockwood: Bass
Justin Purtill: Bass

"Being a part of this music was such an honor and a great lesson in humility. In truth, this night represents the most humbling musical experience of my life thus far.” - Justin Purtill


Co-Producer: Tisziji & Nancy Muñoz & Justin Purtill
Concert Producer and MC: Jim Warshauer (Kritavi)

Recorded on April 24, 2004 at The Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA
Recording Engineers: Mike Muñoz and Todd Winmill
Mixing Engineers: Mike and Tisziji Muñoz
Mastered by Mike Muñoz at Dorje Drilbu, Anami Music Recording Studios