Realization of Paradox

Realization of Paradox


The Realization of Paradox project followed the Beauty as Beauty meditation featuring Lam-Sobo John Medeski. This great trilogy highlights the progression from structure to super structure to ultimate no structure— that spontaneous wisdom and meditation acknowledging and transcending all time-mind structures into space awareness. This was easy to achieve. Completely done! However, this opened another more final door, the door of radical and catastrophic paradox as living word for the musicians to respond to with complete freedom. They played to my word and piano playing on this date. It was a very purifying, ecstatic and radical ground for music, which became a joyous transformational process.-Tisziji Muñoz

This spoken word offering from Spiritual Master Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz contains some of his most mysteriously provocative word medicine. Those of us close to this great Master through the years, know that it is not unusual for him to be able to explain the unexplainable or describe the indescribable. Though I’ve been around Tisziji nearly 40 years and have read many of his books, this work initially appeared to me as ungraspable as it is humorous, wondrous and joyous. It had the extreme effect of knocking any of my usual thought processes completely off axis and often had me saying, what? However, once I heard it a few times, my perception changed and I was able to hear it as clear simple truth.  This is the miraculous gift shared by this fully realized Master who can see beyond external appearances, and penetrate and illuminate the inner reality of unknowable transcendent being. It was a blessing and a great challenge to provide, along with these great players, sympathetic accompaniment to such genius heart Heart word. There were no charts, guidelines or gravitational references whatsoever. Whew!!! Hu. Infinite gratitude to you, Bhapu, for sharing your realization of liberation, compassion and love with the universe. Love Always Hu  Ra-Kalam Bob Moses



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1 Introducing Realization of Paradox 1:15

2 The Paradox of Cause as Source Part 1 4:24 (Tracks 1 & 2 combined on digital release)

3 The Paradox of Cause as Source Part 2 02:51

4 The Paradox of Cause as Source Part 3 03:04

5 The Paradox of Cause as Source Part 4 01:05

6 The Paradox of Vibration as Appearance Part 1 05:03

7 The Paradox of Vibration as Appearance Part 2 04:27

8 The Paradox of Hearing Into No-Hearing 3:46

9 The Paradox of No Space 4:52

10 The Paradox of No Matter 5:49

11 The Paradox of No Feeling 3:06

12 The Paradox of No Result 3:49

13 The Paradox of No Condition as Creative Process 3:28

All compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Munoz: Word, Piano

John Lam-Sobo Medeski: Piano

Ra-kalam Bob Moses: Drums

Don Yaka Pate: Bass

David Finck: Bass

Tupac Vij-Arjune Mantilla :Percussion, Bowls & Bells, Gongs, Bata, Tablas, Wheelchair


Producer: Tisziji Munoz

Executive Producer: Ellen Virmananda Gilley

Recorded at Anami Music February 5, 2012

Recording, Editing and Mixing Engineer: David J. Gyandas Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar Munoz

Nebula photo courtesy of NASA