Taking You Out There! Live Double CD

Taking You Out There! Live Double CD


“Once again, Paul Shaffer and I joined hearts to play Heart-Fire Sound for the public and to create jazz and guitar history. This time it was at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in New York City. We showed up and kept it sweet, deep, and ecstatically beyond the mind. Paul Shaffer stepped up and into the Fire and chose to keep his playing Heart-real. Thank you, Paul, for your lifelong friendship and precious, ongoing contribution to this music. This was a great, amazing, and humorously timeless date. I thank all these great and bold players for their extraordinary support on this Burn-Gone date.” - Tisziji Muñoz


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CD 1

1 Intro 1:36

2 Spirit Path 14:27 (Tracks 1 & 2 combined on digital release)

3 Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother (I) 12:29

4 Fatherhood 12:16

5 Motherhood 10:15

6 No Self, No Thought, No Mind   11:51

CD 2

1 Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother (II) 17:12

2 Only If You Love 10:36

3 Impermanence 12:07

4 Gratitude 14:13

5 It's Done 8:14

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar

Paul Shabd-Bodhi Shaffer: Piano

Don Yaka Pate & John Chait-Moksha Lockwood: Bass
Ra-Kalam Bob Moses: Drums


Recorded Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, NYC on February 7, 2011

Co-Producers: Tisziji & Nancy Muñoz
Recording Engineer: Jeff Jones

Mixing Engineer: Mike Munoz, Anami Music Inc.

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Photos by Patrick Shunyananda Barter