Visiting This Planet Double Vinyl

Visiting This Planet Double Vinyl


"When I was 19, a student at the University of Toronto, I happened to meet Tisziji, to hear him play, and I was immediately galvanized by his music, its content and the conviction therein. I naturally began to play with and learn from him regularly, in his band for two years, and more infrequently until today. Tisziji was the key in opening many musical doors for me, and continues to illustrate, for me, that music is but a means of spiritual discovery, communication and maybe, to some degree, enlightenment. Tisziji, thanks for the lift!" - Paul Shaffer

P.S. This was the cat who got me into the business!"

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Track Listing

1    Song For All Children 8:52
2    The Ways of Love 3:06
3    Astral Circus 7:13
4    A Spiritual Reunion 12:02
5    Farewell 6:51
6    Equinox 7:00
7    To Be 9:18
8    Crisis of Attachment 5:56
9    Visiting this Planet 12:37

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.

Tisziji Munoz: Guitar, Shenai, Congas, Synth, Flute, Percussion, Singing bowls

Paul Shaffer: Piano, Keyboards

Pharoah Sanders: Tenor Saxophone

 Dave Liebman: Soprano Saxophone

John Hicks, Bernie Senensky, Michael Cochrane, John Weiss: Piano

Cecil McBee, Art Davis, Dennis Irwin, Ratso Harris: Bass

Idris Muhammed, Adam Nussbaum, Bob Ra-Kalam Moses, Guillermo Cantu: Drums

Guillerme Franco: Percussion

Co-Produced by Tisziji & Nancy Munoz

Recording Engineers: Questar, Gene Perla, Vince Traina, Tisziji & Mike Munoz

Mastering Engineers: Questar, Tisziji & Mike Munoz, Vince Traina

Photo: James Kriegsmann

Original recordings October 1981-March 1984 with overdubs April & May 1986 and July 1988