When Coltrane Calls Session 3: Living Immortality

When Coltrane Calls Session 3: Living Immortality


"It has been a great honor to play with these musicians and a very special honor to perform with them in the spirit of John Coltrane. It is a true musical gift to play music this way, with these individuals, with this freedom, with this much spirit and joy." -Tisziji 

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Track Listing

1 No Alternative 8:08

2 We Meet Again in Spirit 9:29

3 Wounds Of Love 8:27

4. God-Fire 9:18

5 Journey 6:28

6 I Thank You Love 2:24

7 Alabama 6:13

8 Expression 5:14

9 Dearly Beloved 7:32

Compositions 1-6 by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.

Compositions 7-9 by John Coltrane/Jowcol Music

Tisziji Munoz: Guitar

John Lam Sobo Medeski: Piano

George Koller, Don Yaka Pate: Acoustic Bass

Ra-kalam Bob Moses & Sadhu Bhav Tony Falco: Drums

Recorded on August 28 & October 27, 2015

Producer: Tisziji Munoz

Executive Producer: Ellen Virmananda Gilley

Recording, Editing, Mixing Engineer: David J. Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Cover Photo: Karen Karuna Munoz