Alpha-Nebula: The Prophecies

Alpha-Nebula: The Prophecies

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“Alpha Nebula is a unique recording in the Muñoz canon of works that have been released so far. It's the most removed from the traditional idioms and styles of electric guitar music. It's also organized in a unique way. Post-production here is just as important as the inspired moments of the players' collective creation in the studio. After the session, Tisziji's visions were further elaborated through electronic soundscapes that were edited together with the original sessions to create a unified and complex, long-form work that exists in its totality. To compare it to a novel: you can dig the words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters of great writing - but you also must consider the work as a whole. It's the same here with the notes, phrases, and movements in relation to the entire CD. That's a startling development here, unprecedented so far in Tisziji's work: a whole for you to dig. To get the most out of this recording you must put yourself into the whole. Paradoxically: the whole that Tisziji presents for you, you must dig it yourself." -Henry Kaiser

"Whoa! Very intense—asteroids and meteors flying by. Ouch! An honor to be on this ground-breaking date with Tisziji. Totally original guitar playing. Huge universal energy—scary! Actually scary! Music is seldom scary. A real dose of Tisziji Muñoz, visiting places music rarely dares to go." -Ra Kalam Bob Moses


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Track Listing

1. Star-Birth (Creative Fire) 1:06

2. Good-bye Dear Sweet Mother (Earth) 6:25

3. Psychic Galaxies - Infinite Time Dimensions of Space 1:55

4. Vanishing the God of Wormholes 2:23

5. Heavenly Rest (In the Embrace of Spirit) 1:09

6. Simultaneous Transmigrations - The Key of Quinkaya-loka 4:05

7. Memory Dissolving Self-Death - Disengaging the Causal Body 1:40

8. Angelic Origination - Acceptance of Divine Mission -Being Alone as the Heart 10:04

9. The Tunnel of No-Consciousness - The Paradise of Paradox 2:08

10. Wielding the Rod of Truth - Being Vajra-dara, the Holder of Indestructibility 3:01

11. Companions in Divine Spirit 2:21

12. Fearlessness - Speed of Light - Sound of Fire -Hear no Evil, Fear no Virtue 3:21

13. Surpassing Kal Niranjan - The time-space, two-faced lord of the universe 0:31

14. Mastering the Seed of Creation -Co-creating the universes with Spirit 6:28

15. Intergalaxial Human Feeling 0:39

16. Creatitude - Generating Divine Grace 2:43

17. Cosmic Ovulation - Preparation for Being Infinity 1:24

18. Divine Madness - Total Spontaneity, Free Happiness, Bodilessness, the Emptiness of Spirit 2:17

19. Joyous Peace - Presence of the Heart: Majestic Compassion 3:44

All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Piano, Keyboard Synths, Bells, Slide & Scream Effects
Bob Moses: Drums & Percussion
Franklin Kiermyer: Drums & Percussion
Don Pate: Bass
John Lockwood: Bass

Produced by Tisziji Muñoz

Recorded on December 13, 1997 Sweetfish Recording Studios, Argyle, NY
Recording Engineers: Mark Fuller and Mike Hostettler
Mixing & Mastering Engineers: Tisziji and Mike Muñoz
Assistant Engineers: Nancy and Rebazar Muñoz