Alpha Nebula Expanded: The Monster Peace

Alpha Nebula Expanded: The Monster Peace


Alpha Nebula was originally recorded in 1997. For its time, it was a pioneering work which even now seems extreme to most players. Newly expanded with the addition of Lam Sobo John Medeski on piano, Alpha Nebula Expanded: The Monster Peace is a culmination of my work with Lam Sobo, and this collaboration is straight to the moon! This is one of my most ‘inside-out there’ dates on record, reaching intense emotional peaks. The Heart is very strong in this. The freedom and overall scope are vast. The virtuosity is humorous, with excellent feeling to finger coordination. The drums, basses and now piano are all at a blistering pitch, and the rhythm section is earthquaking.  From beginning to end, this date is awesome, closing with a surprising encore piece you have to hear to believe!


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Track Listing

1. Burnsign of the Arisen 5:20

2. Aspiration 3:17

3. Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother 6:29

4. Creating Gentle Fierceness 5:52

5. If It Is Precious 5:58

6. Stillness Before Ascent 8:53

7. Angelic Origination 11:10

8. Slipping Into Other Space 8:56

9. Glimpses of Light 5:35

10. Fearlessness 4:30

11. Ephemeral 2:16

12. Mastering the Seed of Creation 7:14

13. Keeping It Secret 1:07

14. Divine Madness 3:28

15. Forgiveness as Joyous Peace 5:25

16. Blues for the End of the World 9:11

All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Muñoz: Electric Guitar, Bells, Slide & Scream Effects

Lam Sobo John Medeski: Piano

Ra Kalam Bob Moses: Drums & Percussion

Franklin Kiermyer: Drums & Percussion

Don (Yaka) Pate: Bass

John (Chait) Lockwood: Bass


Recorded on December 13, 1997 Sweetfish Recording Studios, Argyle, NY

Producer, Creative Vision & Compositions: Tisziji Muñoz

Recording Engineers: Mark Fuller and Mike Hostettler

Piano recorded and overdubbed in 2014

Recording & Editing Engineer: David (Gyandas) J. Sullivan, Anami Music, Inc.

Mixing Engineers: Tisziji Muñoz & David (Gyandas) J. Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar (Hu Deva) Muñoz