Beautiful Empty Fullness

Beautiful Empty Fullness


“This is another excellent album where the music speaks clearly. One thing that I think is compelling is that Tisziji’s guitar sings spiritually with single notes and Marilyn’s piano sings spiritually with chords, and those things fit together well. HEY this is HEART-FIRE-HEART music, not music for a TV commercial!” -Henry Kaiser


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Track Listing

1 Fatherhood :54

2 I Thank You Love 1:53

3 Prayer For Awakening the Heart 7:39

4 I Will Return 4:02

5 Precious Friendship 5:04

6 Forgiveness 1:43

7 Heart Of Boundless Love 7:00

8 Impermanence 10:56

9 Tears Of Gratitude 6:05

10 Love's Continual Presence 4:54

11 Motherhood 6:21

12 When I'm Gone 10:56


All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc.