Auspicious Healing

Auspicious Healing


"The healing power of music. Healing for all of us in the studio. The music reached out and fixed any problems that we were having with the session. The continued healing action of that session in some of our lives since has been remarked upon. Just listen to the duets of Muñoz and Crispell that open and close this CD. Does it touch your heart? That is the healing energy of music. To me, that is a quantifiable, real thing. I'm sure Tisziji titled this project AUSPICIOUS HEALING because that was the main message of the music.

"The phenomena of Tisziji. Hey, he's the real thing! A musical master and a wise and compassionate man. As a leader, he got the group to transcend itself. As a guitarist, I watched and heard him create incredible music through his instrument as if the guitar were invisible. When Tisziji plays he invokes new lines and ideas of that moment. He does not play licks or prepared ideas, he reaches out there and grabs new things and lays them out for us to hear, with humor, passion, severity, playfulness and warmth. He is one of a handful of jazz players who is not afraid to play the truth as it comes to him. When you see and hear him play you can feel that the walls between this world and other worlds are just a bit thinner for you, the listener. The music from this session illuminates for me a bit more of that intangible, spiritual side of music-making than many other projects I have been involved with. I point it out so explicitly here because I hope that you will enjoy it in that context." —Henry Kaiser


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Track Listing

1. Auspicious! 5:02

2. Shenai Letticia Muñoz (Prayer For A Safe Birth) 13:50

3. Teardrop (Blood From The Astral Heart) 12:09

4. Prayer For Tolerance (Accommodation) 16:39

5. Orange Chocolate Mint Medicine In G Humor 3:12

6. Brahms' Lullaby (The Way I Hear It!) 18:00

7. Healing In The Name Of "I Love You!" 4:24

All compositions by Tisziji Muñoz with the exception of Brahms' Lullaby (The Way I Hear It!) by Johannes Brahms, arranged by Tisziji Muñoz


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Synths
Marilyn Crispell: Piano
Henry Kaiser: Guitar, Guitar FX
Mark Dresser: Bass
Lukas Ligeti: Drums


Produced by Tisziji Muñoz
Recorded on March 18, 2000 Nevessa Recording Studio, Woodstock, NY
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Assistant Engineer: Chris Andersen
Mixing Engineers: Mike & Tisziji Muñoz

Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar ‘Hu-Deva’ Muñoz