Mountain Peak Double CD

Mountain Peak Double CD


Post-concert reviews focused on the “Dynamic Duo...This show was a musical pairing of two serious birds of a feather—Tisziji Muñoz, the cosmic philosopher and guitarist, and Pharoah Sanders, the cosmic philosopher and saxophonist...To say it ‘worked’ wouldn’t do Muñoz justice—it soared...I found this epic battle like an epiphany.”

“It’s difficult, if not altogether impossible, to imagine a more perfect soundtrack to the Passover/Easter weekend than the spiritual jazz of Moses, Pharoah and their collaborators...Muñoz and Sanders do not play dinner music. It is not background music. Instead, it is the kind of intense, emotionally-charged musical exploration that almost demands concentration and active participation by the listener...At times the fierce saxophonist appeared to be speaking in tongues. It wasn’t just jazz anymore. It was some sort of timeless, intuitive music that we have all carried around in our heads, but so precious few of us are able to express...In short, it was a perfect soundtrack to a celebration of renewal, rebirth and resurrection.”


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CD 1

My Favorite Things:18:11 (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein)

Body & Soul 16:28 (Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton, Johnny Green)

Purification By Fire #2 12:40 (Tisziji Munoz)

CD 2

Dindi/Lonnie's Lament/Dindi 29:45 (Antonio Carlos Jobim, John Coltrane)

Final Words 6:49 (Tisziji Munoz)

Visiting This Planet 17:00 (Tisziji Munoz)

The Creator Has A Master Plan 5:52 (Ferrell Pharoah Sanders, Leon Thomas)


Tisziji Munoz: Guitar

Pharoah Sanders: Saxophone

Bernie Senensky: Piano

Don Yaka Pate: Bass

Ra-kalam Bob Moses: Drums

Produced by Tisziji & Nancy Munoz

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Mike Munoz

Editing & Mixing Engineer: David J. Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Photos: Nancy Munoz

Recorded at The Van Dyke, Schenectady, NY April 10, 1998