Omega Nebula Double CD

Omega Nebula Double CD


Omega Nebula represents leaving life and entering the death process, which is the process of ultimate sacrifice. The lyrical interludes symbolize the various forms and levels of musical attachments that have to be released, clearing the way for afterlife re-creation and rebirth.

This is the second in the trilogy which began with Alpha-Nebula, representing the phase of life preparing for death.


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CD 1

01. Omega Nebula, The End!

02. Time of Death

03. Beginning

04. Embracing Radical Liberation

05. Awakening Into Bodilessness

06. Lightning Birds Of Prophecy

07. Serene Fearlessness

08. The Peace Of Death

09. Neither Confusion Nor No-Confusion

10. The Unconscious Classical Mind Is Fear

11. Nowness Is Dissolution

12. The Crush Of Emptiness

13. Leaving Insanity

14. The Earth Path Of Sadness

15. Burn It All!

16. When Darkness Is Light, Light Is Space

17. Sweet Hu-fulness

18. Dawn Of The Hu Age

19. The Dream Of Light

20. When You Are Already Liberated

21. Rebirth

22. Sitting In The Cosmic Oven

23. Recognition

24. The Humor Of Ever-Burn

25. Already Delivered

26. When Your Heart Is Free

CD 2

01. Love Is A Prayer

02. Peace Of Wrath

03. Liberate All Energies

04. Original Wisdom Space

05. No Bull Heart-Path

06. No Memories

07. The Burn Of Joyful Stillness

08. Everything Will Go

09. The Great Reversal

10. Awakening Into Selflessness

11. Hu-dha Ear

12. The Enlightening Presence Of The Eastern Sun

13. The Goddess Of Transcendent Logic

14. Killing Human Nature Is Awakening Hu-dha Nature

15. Fire Storm Of Compassion

16. A Love Forevermore

17. The Hu Life Force

18. Dying Into Love, Rising Into Infinite Burn

19. The Mother’s Heart Space

20. Ominous Spirit Bird Warnings

21. Superbird Messiahs

22. Chosen To Save The Race: Divine Surrender

23. Joy, Peace & Happiness

24. Let There Be Love

All compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.


Tisziji Munoz: Guitar, Chanting, Word, Shenai, Piano, Bowls, Gongs, Maracas, Tablas, Bongos, Conga, Tone Bells, Tambourine, Flute, Recorder, Synthesizers

Ra-kalam Bob Moses: Drums

John Chait Lockwood: Bass

Karin Tahmpa Walsh: Oboe

Rebazar Munoz: Vocals


Producer: Tisziji Munoz

Executive Producer: Nancy Munoz

Recorded at Anami Music May 2006 and between February-December 2009

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Mike Munoz

Recording Engineer & Editing: David J. Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar Munoz

Nebula photo courtesy of NASA