Tisziji Munoz & Paul Shaffer: The Anniversary Concert

Tisziji Munoz & Paul Shaffer: The Anniversary Concert


This Anniversary Concert at the Falcon commemorates the 10th year anniversary of Divine Radiance Live! at the Village Underground on June 10, 2003, produced by Paul Shaffer. This Anniversary Concert also marks the 25th anniversary of the Visiting This Planet album, my first of many major musical productions as co-producer of Anami Music, Inc. I want to offer heartfelt thanks to Paul Shaffer (Shabd-Bodhi) on synths, Lam-Sobo John Medeski on piano, Don Pate (Yaka) on bass, Ra-kalam on drums, and Tony Falco (Sadhu-Bhav) on drums for their great performances on this rare date. Their performances were creative and amazing. Any Heart-Fire Sound performance is never about ordinary music or jazz, as much as my HUdha Yoga of hearing beyond hearing into radical Silence. This practice is a burn process of realizing Spirit to Spirit, nothing to nothing, and Silence to Silence. Hear this and let it all go!


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Track Listing

1 Visiting This Planet 19:36

2 On the Edge 17:00

3 Leaving This Planet 6:48

4 Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother 7:59

5 Happy Sadness 19:20

6 No Self, No Thought, No Mind 10:04

7 Godfire 12:51

8 Wounds Of Love 11:13

9 Gracious 6:49

All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.