The Paradox of Perfection

The Paradox of Perfection


"The Paradox is Perfection. Perfection is a Paradox. The Paradox of Perfection is transcendence of conceptuality and duality, and realizing reality directly by immediate perception. This as well applies to creativity, and no less in the field of spiritual jazz. To accomplish this, all dualized reality must be obliterated completely from the self-mind process of playing! Then spontaneous heart expression may be allowed to flow directly from the Soul into the physical plane of creation-manifestation." - Tisziji

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Track Listing 

1    God-Fire 13:00
2    Motherhood 7:22
3    Crazy Heart Wisdom 20:58
4    Somewhere 11:13
5    Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother 12:41
6    Song of Bhapuji 4:52

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc. with the exception of "Somewhere" by Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim/Leonard Bernstein, Chappell & Co.)

Tisziji Munoz: Guitar

John Lam Sobo Medeski: Piano

Don Yaka Pate: Bass

Ra-Kalam Bob Moses & Tony Sadhu Bhav Falco: Drums

Producer: Tisziji Muñoz

Executive Producer: Ellen Virmananda Gilley

Recording, Editing, Mixing Engineer: David Gyandas Sullivan

Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions

Cover photo: Karuna Munoz

Recorded live at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY on October 5, 2014