Shaman-Bala Double CD

Shaman-Bala Double CD


"Tisziji is a shamanistic, channeling sort of player/improviser. Through his approach to the instrument and any particular spiritual practices that he may be or may have been engaged in, he is able to connect his listeners to realities beyond the mundane world. There are not many shamanic players in pop/jazz music. It is certainly not common in the American market of commercially produced music.

"I'd say that Tisziji is a rare and special sort of musician — but it's true that there is a certain precedent for this kind of thing. The shamanic player does occur more frequently in the more experimental areas of commercial music — John Coltrane and Sun Ra, being two famous examples from the '60s. But each magical individual of this sort is an unusual and particular case. Tisziji is set apart from the mainstream majority of musicians. I feel that he is the most powerful 'shaman' of the guitar out there today. Of course it does not matter that Tisziji plays the guitar or the kazoo. It's the spirit of the music and the depth of experience that it can provide that counts here." - Henry Kaiser


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CD 1

1 Introduction by Bruce Gallanter 1:17

2 Gratitude 13:07

3 Initiation By Fire 11:37

4 My Favorite Things
(Rogers and Hammerstein) 13:53

5 The Redirect to Now 4:00

CD 2

1 Stepping Up to the Plate 11:30

2 Visiting This Planet 9:20

3 Crazy Heart Wisdom 12:02

4 No-Self, No-Thought, No-Mind 10:10

5 Prelude to Visiting This Planet 17:58

6 When I'm Gone 5:46

7 Crazy Heart Wisdom (2) 9:14

All compositions by Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music Inc. with the exception of

“My Favorite Things” Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein


Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar & Synth
Rashied Ali: Drums
Bernie Senensky: Piano
Don Pate: Bass


Produced by Tisziji Muñoz

Recorded on May 12, 2001 at Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street NYC, NY
Recording Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Assistant Engineer: John Mateo
Mixing Engineers: Mike and Tisziji Muñoz