Atoms of Supersoul

Atoms of Supersoul


On April 7, 2016 a powerful collection of sonic alchemists gathered at Dorje Dorge Drilbu, residence of Spiritual Master, guitar genius Bhapuji Tisziji MuñozMunoz  in the spirit of peace, love and ecstatic liberation to record this unique and historic recording. This date was especially meaningful to me because it featured my oldest playing buddy, saxophone master David Liebman. When I first met Liebs in the early 60’s, he was a very raw beginner musician. What drew me to him was his great spirit, commitment and total surrender to the music. All these years later, I’m proud to say he has become a certified Jazz master, and that strength of Spirit has stayed intact and only deepened. Liebs is a lover of drums and drumming, so it’s natural for him to gravitate to Tisziji’s liberated, Spirit first, drum centered way of selfless expression. Liebs has known me for over 50 years, so he has seen firsthand my evolution from painful self sufferation programs to becoming a more peaceful, joyous, compassionately detached being (still a work in progress). I know he recognizes and appreciates the Spiritual healing Master Bhapuij has bestowed on his old bud Ra Kalam. It was a profoundly moving experience for me to be able to bring my teacher and oldest friend together on this magical day. Joining us on this record was anotherlong time musical brohim, pianist Lam Sobo John Medeski. Lam Sobo was psyched for the opportunity of playing with Liebman for the first time and contributes some of his strongest, most attuned playing to date. It was a joy to hear the powerful oceanic bass playing of Yaka Don Pate and the virtuosic David Finck, who was happy for the chance to let go of any and all musical conventions and play so wide open without restriction. It was also a great blessing to be joined by the great drummer Sadh Sadu Bhav Tony Falco. Sadu Sadhu Bhav is one of the rare drummers who can play strong and is fearlessly creative, yet always supportive and egoless. The vibe in the studio that day among the players was grateful, loving and resolute, determined to complete our mission of sacred sound healing, despite any life obstacles or distractions. I feel so blessed to be part of Tisziji’s Spiritual family. I hope you the listener can feel some of the healing and upliftment we the musicians felt creating this deeply heartfelt shamanic recording.Love Always, Hu Ra Kalam Bob Moses

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Track Listing

1 Leaving This Planet 6:21

2 It’s Done 5:15

3 Don’t Turn Back 7:23

4 Crazy Heart Wisdom 9:54

5 We Will Meet Again 16:17

6 The Storm of Liberation 3:10

All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music Inc.